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We are a lowcountry real estate investment company. We primarily hold rental properties. If you are inquiring about one of our rental properties, please contact our property management company, Bluewater Property Management LLC, at www.bluewaterpropertymanagement.net. We also list properties we have for sale on that website.

If you are a current tenant, please contact us using the information on the contact us page.

If you are interested in Turnkey Rental Properties, please visit www.lowcountryturnkey.com. Lowcountry Turnkey Properties, LLC creates investment opportunities in residential properties that reduce or overcome many of the challenges that confront individuals or firms considering investments in real estate by (1) locating and acquiring properties using criteria that maximize rental and sale possibilities, (2) adding property value by remodeling to current market conditions as defined by the subdivision or neighborhood and (3) creating investment value by arranging tenants and property management.

For all other inquiries, please contact us; we look forward to hearing from you.

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Aaron Silverman (S&S Investments, LLC): Real Estate Investor in Charleston, SC

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